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  1. Colt Long Guns
    I found a Colt LE901-16S with an unusual "DOE LANL" marking. I'm assuming this is in reference to the U.S. Department of Energy, Los Alamos National Laboratory. I have never seen a Colt rifle marked in such a fashion. It appears to be a deep laser engraving, but the anodization is still intact...
  2. Colt Long Guns
    Hello enthusiasts I'm looking to buy a new or newish in the box Colt CM762-16S. Help me locate acquire this gun. It's a 7.62x51 carbine I've been needing to shoot. I have considered my Colt 1911s as trade items. 'O1070RGZ' 1911 (all stainless) absolutely new in the Colt pelican case. I might...
  3. Colt Long Guns
    I have an LE901 and I am considering a suppressor for it. I know that the Vortex flash hider is made by Smith Enterprises and they also make a "Wind Talker" suppressor that mounts onto the flash hider. And Surefire has a replacement flash hider (actually two) and their SOCOM 2 Series suppressor...
  4. Colt Long Guns
    I just bought my new "heavy rifle", an LE901 in FDE. I have been searching online for months with no success. I went to a local gun show this weekend and there it was! And only $1549 new! I cleaned it then took it to my local BassPro and zeroed it with an ACOG TA11E at 100 yards. Fired 70 rounds...
  5. Colt Long Guns
    Last night at the range 50 meters, LE901 16s w/Acocg Federal XM80c 149g
1-5 of 5 Results