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  1. The Lounge
    Title pretty much says it. Just curious how you guys feel about non-factory Fitz style modified guns. Do you have one in your collection? Or think it's a novelty not really worth owning?
  2. Python
    Gen 3 grips on a 1983 T-series 6" Python shows a gap under the I-frame. Suggestions? Just picked up a low numbered T-series Python. The grips are excellent Gen 3 wood grips but there is a 3/16" gap on the back of the I-frame. These are wrap-around, over-sized grips with gold medallions. These...
  3. Photos Area
    Just picked up my first Colt yesterday, and am already tinkering with it... I know many folks would (and have) recommended getting to know the stock LE6920 before changing or modifying anything, but I just can't resist... Right out of the box... Here is the Houge grip that was installed...
1-3 of 3 Results