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mother of pearl

  1. MOP Grips for 1911 Compact

    Want to Sell
    This is a beautiful set of real Mother of Pearl grips for a compact 1911. I don't have the pistol any more so I don't need them. They have a small chip on the bottom of the right grip on the inside. It doesn't show from the front. I think they must have been dropped to cause this little chip...
  2. Mother of Pearl Pistol Grip Medallion Installation

    Hello all: Does anyone here have the experience to install these pre-war colt nickel plated pistol grip medallions into my Colt 1903 Mother of Pearl pistol grips? I don't feel comfortable doing the work myself. I have attached some photos of my grips and the medallions I want to put in them. If...
  3. Unfortunletly i gotta sell (Women Prob) lol

    Colt Revolvers
    Yeah i gotta sell this. I was offered 500 but i know its worth more. Can someone give me a decent rounded quote. Official Police 1950 ish. Mother of pearl grips(If you look you will see bottom is chipped). New grips are 115$. Mass Hand engraved by Robert Valade.(He scrolled over part of the...