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    New Members Introduction
    I carried, like many, a Colt 1911 .45 in the military, the navy when standing Topside Watch on a sub. Sure we had some practice but not early enough to ever be comfortable with this weapon. Now over 40 years later and a hater of pistols, I inherited a Colt 1903 .32 from an uncle that didn't...
  2. ***SOLD*** WTS: Crimson Trace Model LG-404 Compact 1911 Laser Grips

    Want to Sell
    These are front activated, red laser grips that will fit Colt (Officer’s, and Defender), Kimber (compact, ultra-carry and ultra-elite), Para-Ordnance (compact, single-stack), Springfield Armory (compact and ultra-compact) Wilson Combat and most other 1911’s with grip screws measuring 2-11/16"...
  3. Colt new agent .45

    Leather and Accessories
    Hi, I just recently bought a Colt New Agent .45 ACP and I'm having a hard time finding holsters for it. My question is- will my NA fit a holster for a Colt officer or Defender? Is there any other makes/models that are compatible? I'm looking for a pre-molded holster, anything but nylon. I...
  4. New Agent Problem

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Hey guys Im new here looks like a sweet forum. What brings me here is my new agent saw it at the gun shop and had to have it so traded my combat comander. At the range with 230 grain round nose winchester ammo and first 50 rounds it acted like it was empty 6 times just locked open with ammo...
  5. SOLD Seecamp .380, Colt New Agent .45 (lots of pics)

    Want to Sell
    1) /SOLD/ Colt New Agent .45, used, 2 mags, case & papers 2) /SOLD/ Seecamp LWS 380, used, 2 mags, 2 springs, 1 draw bar, box & papers $750ea, plus s/h, no CA or MD, private seller. If you've never heard of Seecamp, check out the forum at This is a shockingly...
  6. Question...bobtail mainspring housing for defender? Anaconda?

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    I have a defender that I want to bobtail. Does anyone make a bobtail MSH for the Defender or New Agent?...I'm guessing they use the same size MSH. I realize that the full size bobtails utilize the defender size springs...I think. Just wanting to get info from the experts on...