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new frontier .22

  1. .22 cal Peacemaker & New Frontier?

    Single Action Army
    Greetings; Am seeking the proper description for our 2 Colts, if you care to indulge my ignorance. A .22 Magnum cylinder accompanies the case hardened revolver. The 'white' framed item is their attempt at "modern styling" using an aluminum frame. I attempted to answer this query for myself...
  2. A 4" New Frontier .22 Barrel Blued

    Want to Buy
    I really need a blued 4.4" New Frontier .22 barrel, with the ramp style front sight for a G series frame. My original barrel has a ring. I think dad picked it up before he passed away and did not notice it, and when I was cleaning it the other day, I felt the wide space about halfway down the...