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  1. New Members Introduction
    I have a New Frontier that I was seeking to get a .22 Magnum cylinder for and came on to this forum. Can't remember when I bought the pistol but it was bought new, still have the box. I was thinking I bought it at Tri-State sporting goods in Bryan, TX in late 70's when I got out of school While...
  2. Single Action Army
    Hi! I am new to this forum so I hope I am in the correct place for my questions. I am liquidating my FIL gun collection and seem to be struggling with placing a value on a few of his Colts. I have searched the BlueBook of Guns and think I am in the correct area, but just not 100% sure. From my...
  3. Single Action Army
    Hi! I'm new to the forum and joined specifically to learn about the Colts my father left me. I realize the sentimental value of an inherited gun, and I have about 15 semi-autos that I intend to keep - but I'm not much of a Revolver girl. (although, I may I'll keep one of the New Frontiers...
  4. Colt Revolvers
    Just picked up a brand new 1984 Kit Carson Commemorative unfired in the box... But something I think is really special or rare about it.... The serial number is KCC GAS0 which I have been told was given to the president of Colt Industries George A. Strichman at the time... I have been told these...
  5. Single Action Army
    Date - Start / Finish 1961 - 3000NF / 3005NF 1962 - 3006NF / 3849NF 1963 - 3850NF / 4699NF 1964 - 4700NF / 4974NF 1965 - 4975NF / 5399NF 1966 - 5400NF / 5674NF 1967 - 5675NF / 5699NF 1968 - 5700NF / 5899NF 1969 - 5900NF / 5924NF 1970 - 5935NF / 6874NF 1971 - 6875NF / 7049NF 1972 - 7050NF /...
  6. Colt Revolvers
    Can anyone tell me the date of manuf. of a New Frontier 22lr, serial # L230##?
  7. Colt Revolvers
    We've had this Colt New Frontier 44-40 now for 4 generations. I've never seen another New Frontier with a Round Stock. I wonder how many were made? This one has 35/500 stamped into the Heel. Is that #35 of 500?
1-7 of 8 Results