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  1. New to Forum from WA State

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    I'm happy to introduce myself from the Evergreen State. Relatively new to Colt collecting and eager to learn. I like the hammerless 1903 and 1908. Thank you.
  2. Another Colt Shooter/Collector from Texas

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    Hey there everyone! Took me awhile but I'm finally here. Stayed up until 2am reading and looking through this awesome website! What's your favorite colt and why? Mine is my, 1960 4" python, w/ original box and inerds my granddad gave me.
  3. New from Minnesota

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    New to the forum. Gotta love Colt firearms.
  4. Hi from NM

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    Good morning! I am a lady shooter who recently acquired a Detective Special NP, .32c 2" revolver as my cc. What a fun piece to have and shoot!! The one problem I am having is finding a fitted holster (OWB) that rides lower than a man would use. If any of you have suggestions as to where I...