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    Not in the best condition, but recently got the Colt letter back.
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    Hi! I'm a new member from New Jersey and tried to respond to a thread which is now closed. I was very interested to hear that one of the Colt Forum members was compiling a database on military Model 1909 revolvers still in existence from the original 20,000 pistol contract. Here is mine. I...
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    Hello, I have inherited my grandfathers collection and I am currently deciding what I'd like to keep and what I'd like to sell. Im trying to compile a list of values, dates, and other info to put together a full documentation of what he had. In my research there seems to be a very wide range...
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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, this is my first post. My grandfather recently passed down to me a New Service in 38 WCF. I will add some pictures. I have two questions: 1) does anyone know much about them? 2) where can I find the serial no.s? I want to register it but fear if any of the...
  5. Colt-Smithing
    RE: Colt M1917 Cylinder vs Colt New Service Will a Colt M1917 Cylinder fit a Colt New Service or visa-versa? My client has a problem cylinder and it may be unsafe. Can I purchase either type cylinder to replace his?
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    The subject line says all. I appreciate any help on this. Thanks! NS41.
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    So, I picked up a New Army & Navy as a "parts gun" for pretty much nothing. It needs a couple small parts replaced that won't be too difficult to make myself, but the real problem seems to be that when the trigger is released the hand drags down across the ratchet and the cylinder rotates with...
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    Hello, A friend of mine dropped this revolver off tonight hoping I could identify it... It has no markings other than a serial number (8751) which you can only see when the cylinder is out, on the frame and cylinder arm (matching). I thought the caliber was 45 Colt, tried a round, doesn't fit...
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    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum and was wondering if there is a source of information that lists the total number of Colt New Service Target and Shooting Master revolvers that were made, and also that gives the total number made in each caliber? Is there a really good reference book on these...