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  1. My Modest Colt Single Action Army Collection

    Single Action Army
    I just added a new 7 1/2" Cavalry Model recently. Was lucky to find it at a gun store locally on the shelf. The last one I ordered took almost a year to get. I am hoping to add a second generation gun to this mix shortly. I have shot them all and think there is something special about this...
  2. Peacemaker 22 cal.

    Single Action Army
    Is the peacemaker 22 cal a full size saa frame peacemaker or are they the smaller frame scout?
  3. .22 cal Peacemaker & New Frontier?

    Single Action Army
    Greetings; Am seeking the proper description for our 2 Colts, if you care to indulge my ignorance. A .22 Magnum cylinder accompanies the case hardened revolver. The 'white' framed item is their attempt at "modern styling" using an aluminum frame. I attempted to answer this query for myself...
  4. 1st year SSA

    Single Action Army
    I have found an SSA with the serial #52If this is ligit how do I get it authenticated?And how much should I pay? The gentleman is asking $1200It's in fair condition, prob a 5 on a 1-10 scale. Almost no blue left, but boa allot of pitting.
  5. Most Inaccurate Colt Pic I Can Imagine

    The Lounge
    Don't know if anybody else out there watches "The Walking Dead" on AMC. It's basically a pretty popular show about the zombie apocolypse and a band of survivors. Anyway, one of the characters on the show got himself a new gun for the new season and this is what was publicized on The Walking...
  6. Old peacemaker a shooter or collector piece?

    Colt Revolvers
    My old Peacemaker, serial 86xxx, seems to be older (circa 1885?) than I'd thought. NOT original, as it is now a 5 1/2" , apparently pre-1930 conversion to .38 special , reworked by John Kopeck about 1980-1981. I have one of the original hard rubber grip panels and the gun is about 80% blue with...