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    1. SOLD Clawson's Collector's Guide to Colt .45 Service Pistols - Enlarged and revised edition, 1998, 130p. Like New condition. $250.00 + $23.00 USPS priority mail flat rate shipping, with additional insurance and signature verification: $273.00 total. 2. Clawson's Colt .45 Government...
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    Very recent to the Colt stable here. Just picked up a 1903 and 1908 in the last couple of months. Fell in love with them after watching Forgotten Weapons on YouTube and seeing Ian's video on the development of the 1911. I had never seen a pocket hammerless before, and I think I actually paused...
  3. SOLD: Colt Pocket Hammerless 1903 Type 1: NEW PHOTOS

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    I'd like to trade my Colt 1903 Type 1 (1907 manufacture) for a nice German or French PPK in .32. Ideally, I'd like a pre-war or Nazi pistol in good condition. I'd consider a 1950s Manurhin. I would also consider a US Property Pocket Hammerless. I don't grade pistols, so I've tried to present...