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  1. What Ammunition for Colt Pocket Positive?

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    Colt tells me my Colt Pocket Positive takes .32 Long ammo. But I've tried that from at least three different manufacturers, and none of them fit. They're all just a bit too wide to fit into the cylinder. Does anyone know whether there's any current ammunition for this piece?
  2. pocket positive 32 police ctg, serial # 100800

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    inherited from my dad. what year was it made, and should i use 32 s & w or 32 s & w long.
  3. 98 years old...and ready for action!!

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    Pocket Positive chambered in ".32 Police Ctg.", a/k/a .32 Colt New Police, a/k/a .32 S&W Long, and possibly others.