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  1. Colt Combat Python 3'', different size boxes?

    Need help from the experts -- did the Colt Combat Python 3'' come in different size boxes? See pics below.
  2. Looking for a Vintage Python 2-Piece Box

    Want to Buy
    Hi, Need a vintage 2-piece box for my '72 blued snubby.... Also looking for a set of vintage 70's service grips.. Thanks - Ed
  3. Python Service Grips

    Want to Buy
    Hi all, I have a minty E-Series and need set of equally nice Factory Walnut Service Grips with Gold Medallions for a Blued '72 Python Snub Nose...
  4. Python box help

    Colt Revolvers
    Just picked up a 69 6" blued. I assumed when I purchased it the box was just one of the newer reproductions but when I picked it up from my FFL they were arguing saying it was original. Their argument was serial was on the back of the box correctly and the texture of the box was correct? All...