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  1. Colt snake gun bubble near? Forum members thoughts thread

    I have been collecting Colt snake guns for the past couple of years. I started with a 1981 blue 6" Python which I still have and then I got bit by the bug. One Python turned into another turned into an Anaconda turned into a Cobra and turned into a Diamondback. Then..... turned into SS, Blue...
  2. colt python hunter value

    Colt Revolvers
    What would you estimate the value of a colt python hunter to beThat has been refinished by colt have the receipt and colt lettered looks like new only missing the box
  3. POLL: Best Python Years for Quality

    Colt Revolvers
    I'm new to Colt Python collecting - ok, I have one (1969 4" Nickel in excellent condition) and am amazed at the craftsmanship for a hand made work of art. Which "era" does the community favor for: Collectability, shootability, craftsmanship, fit/finish, Best Looking Grips, best box if it...
  4. BDBell

    New Members Introduction
    New member here, my first post. Although I'm not PLANNING on selling; In the summer of '82, I bought a Mod 13840 4in Python with Colt rubber grips. The Ser # is K6xxxx. Styro box w/woodgrained cardboard sleeve, w/gun info typed on end tag, barcode, and 228 & 3 hand written on upper left and...