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  1. Python Service Grips

    Want to Buy
    Hi all, I have a minty E-Series and need set of equally nice Factory Walnut Service Grips with Gold Medallions for a Blued '72 Python Snub Nose...
  2. Can someone identify veracity and maybe year(s)?

    Howdy, First post, I hope the way I did the pic is acceptable. If not, please advise and I won't do it again. Had my first Python in 1975 when I was 21. Had to let it go during hard times. It came to me as a 2.5 inch Royal Blue but I shot it loose very quickly AND found a brand new 6 inch...
  3. Gen 3 grips on a 1983 T-series 6" Python shows a gap under the I-frame. Suggestions?

    Gen 3 grips on a 1983 T-series 6" Python shows a gap under the I-frame. Suggestions? Just picked up a low numbered T-series Python. The grips are excellent Gen 3 wood grips but there is a 3/16" gap on the back of the I-frame. These are wrap-around, over-sized grips with gold medallions. These...
  4. Colt Medallion Type (with just the Colt head)?

    I see a couple of auction where the Python's look good, but the grips have medallions that are a just a horse head and the word Colt (as opposed to the full horse which I normally see). Like this: Are grips that have these...
  5. Recently Acquired 1972 Python

    I am a new member to this forum as I recently joined after purchasing a Python from my father-in-law. I have a few questions and request recommendations from the experts like yourselves. It's a 1972 Python in Blue with the original (2nd generation?) grips. As I examine the weapon I see the...
  6. Are Python Grips really that expensive now?

    Colt Revolvers
    Hi, I bought a LNIB mid 70's Python quite a few years ago and immediately removed the original grips and replaced them with hogue rubber grips which I found to be much more comfortable. The grips are fairly nice walnut, and in perfect shape, no scratches, no chips, etc. Was looking through...