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  1. Python Think I read somewhere these are Davidson’s exclusives? Is Colt doing the work? Most likely machine done? Seem to be sitting at $2499 and not flying off the shelves. Nice looking gun either way.
  2. The Lounge
    Good day all! At my place of business, we offer custom trigger and action work, accuracy tuning, and repair service on S&W, DW, and Colt brands of revolvers (along with repair of the Woodsman series). Now that we've had a significant number of the NEW (2017 and later) Colt double-action...
  3. Python
    Colt Fam, I admit it. I love Electroless Nickel Pythons. As a revolver finish, E-Nickel stands out to me for being attractive, understated and fairly durable. We all sometimes chase shiny things (looking at you, BSTS) but there is something subtle and even dignified about the E-Nickel finish...
  4. New Members Introduction
    Good afternoon Colt fans!!! Feel a bit odd. Got my 3 1976 box set of Colts as safe queens without even a fingerprint ever being on them, and gently abuse my Italian made 5 or so. Really want to take the Dragoon, SAA and Python out to play, but I'm to busy honing up my Walkers, Armys and...
  5. Python
    I’m looking for a pair of giraffe bone grips for my 2.5” 1982 nickel Python. Where can I find these? Picture below is what I’m looking for. (Ted Breeden’s gun) Thanks in advance.
  6. Python
    Hello all,just got my 2020 Python, haven’t even shot it, and a little disappointed with the grips. There are three particular spots(pics attached) where the wood isn’t smooth. It’s at the top of the grips where your thumb and pointer finger goes. There seem to be bumps in the finish or...
  7. Python
    I purchased a 1977 4” nickel Python in early 2012 at a gun show. At the time, I did not know a lot about all the technical details and what to look for; it was a spur of the moment purchase as I’d always wanted and admired them. I’ve shot it on a few dozen occasions, and it operates well. I...
  8. Colt Revolvers
    Looking to buy this 1977 colt diamondback 4 inch. I’m new to collecting Colts so I’m wondering where I would find the value for this gun or other higher end colt collectibles (also looking to pick up an older python as well eventually). Thanks for the insights all.
  9. Python
    Just curious to see if anyone has noticed any patterns in terms of prices for Legacy Colt Pythons. Have the Legacy pythons gone up or down in value? I know many of us, myself included, wouldn’t want to sell our beloved pythons but I’m curious to see how the market is now that the newer ones are...
  10. New Members Introduction
    Hi Everyone, I am a big Colt collector in Georgia and just signed up here on his forum. I am excited to see what fellow Colt enthusiasts can help me with when I have questions. I also am excited to see what special pieces others have collected. Some of my collection are engraved pieces I have...
  11. Colt-Smithing
    Hello, new to the forum and looking for some help here. I'll try to include all the information I can think of. I took my king cobra to the range on Tuesday, March 3rd for the first time in a few years. I had cleaned it and put it away, but pulled it out every now and again to admire it. I've...
  12. Python
    I found a Colt catalog from 1981 and while looking through it I found something I almost forgot about. In 1981 Colt announced the Python was available in 22 LR and 22 Mag calibers. It was also the year of the Python Target 38 Special Cartridge (I remembered that because I have one). I have to...
  13. Colt Revolvers
    Just got an email from my LGS that they are expecting a batch of the new Pythons in 4 and 6 inch. They are taking $300 checks to hold until they come in and you start the paperwork. I am on my way there now to drop off a check in a while. They will only charge MSRP for these guns. Unlike the...
  14. New Members Introduction
    Hello all - I just recently purchased a 1978 6" Nickel Python and was hoping to gain some insight from others such as to where is a good place to purchase spare parts - ie...side plate screws and such. Also, what individuals have found out to be the best at keeping the guns finish clean and shiny?
  15. Python
    Hello all, I recently acquired my first Colt. It is a 1983 Python with the nickel electrolysis finish and my research has found that the pythons had an extra process before the finishing making it a higher quality termed "Royal" Coltguard versus just Coltguard used on other caliber revolvers...
  16. Python
    I just traded for my third Colt Python yesterday. It is a Colt Python 4 inch nickel from 1981. I has box and papers with it. I am trying to put a value on it. It has never been fired outside of the factory. The cylinder only has burn marks on every other chamber as done by the factory. Any help...
  17. Python
    Looking for feed back on current prices paid for 60's era 2.5" blue pythons. My recent purchase was a 64
  18. Python
    Is nickel the same as E-nickel on a python?
  19. New Members Introduction
    Hey guys. I have been a long time lurker but decided to join finally. I am mostly a USPSA / 1911 guy but looking forward to learning about their older revolvers. Has anyone heard of the colt "Stalker" sries of revolvers? Ran across one on GB that looks to be in great condition but don't...
1-19 of 152 Results