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  1. Colt sf-vi PRICE DROP

    Want to Sell
    WTS a 38 SF-VI with original blue case, paper work, and SN matching cardboard sleeve. I listed this a few weeks ago and didn't have a price. (My mistake) This Colt has only 20-30 rounds through it. Never carried, always kept in the box. This is a fine example of a RARE Bobbed hammer, SF-VI in...
  2. Colt .45 Auto Series 80 Transition Model Info Wanted

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    ***EDIT Photos added in new reply*** Hey Everyone, I was hoping that you guys could help me figure out everything that I need to know about my gun (or that can be known). I purchased a Colt .45 Series 80 as my first gun last year without knowing too much about them (other than wanting a...
  3. Gun Collection: Australia

    Want to Sell
    OzPianoman says: For the benefit of new members who may not notice - featured here on the forum is a unique private collection of civil war revolver replicas made by a renowned, now retired gunsmith. (see my profile for details) Will contact Australian Auction houses this week, but preference...