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  1. Colt Revolvers
    NEW 2020 COLT PYTHON, 2019 KING COBRA TARGET, AND 2021 ANACONDA REPLACEMENT REAR SIGHT: It appears that Kensight is working on an Elliason type of sight set for Colt's new line of double-action revolvers. This is great news for those who don't like the existing rear sight. "If we wait it out...
  2. Python
    I picked up my 2020 Python from the FFL (bought it on GB) in early Oct ‘20 and when I got home, gave it a good look over to see if it had any of the quality escapes that people have been reporting. Of course, I had to have one - a loose rear sight assembly. What I mean by this is that the entire...
  3. Colt-Smithing
    bought this bout 5 years ago. didn't really have time/money to shoot since then so Its kinda been sitting since then. Its a Colt Official Police in .22, dated to 1947. got it for a steal, but not without a price. The rifling is near-pristine and the action and timing is crisp. If cocked very...
  4. Python
    Hi All, Brand new member to the forum, but I've been a Colt owner for years now. As of this weekend I now own two Colt Pythons - first is a beautiful, near mint condition 6" Blue. Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure: Python - Album on Imgur So, this weekend I was visiting one of...
  5. Colt-Smithing
    I am in need of information on how to change (remove/replace) the rear sight on early 22 conversion unit slides. Specifically I need to remove Improved Stevens rear sight from early post war unit and install on pre WWII war slides. If written instructions or manual available to purchase.
1-5 of 6 Results