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  1. Anodizing Colt Comander frame in auto body shop?

    I'm looking to locally refinished the frame of my Colt Commander, and since there are no gunsmiths here in PR I researched an auto-body shop that anodizes aluminum bike parts and the like. Have any of you guys done this? I know about the oldschool bumper chrome jobs but anodizing seems simpler.
  2. Original finish? Help please!

    I am trying to determine if this has been refinished. It is a mid 60's and the serial #'s all match, including the sideplate. The edges look sharp to me. There is a non-flush fit on the lower edge of the sideplate, and the bluing of the sideplate is different than the rest. Thoughts please!
  3. Colt Trooper help

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    (This is also on The High Road). I just bought a Colt Trooper made in 1958, and had a few questions. The Colt emblem looked a little washed out, so I wanted to know if anyone could tell if it was refinished. Let me know if you want any more pictures. My camera isn't very good, but I suppose I...
  4. New-to-me '56 Detective Special ... Need help

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    I'm new to this forum, but it seems the most appropriate place to ask a few questions about my new purchase of a 1956 Detective Special (see photos). I picked this up from one of those gun auction sites for a deal (so I think). I believe it was $350. I've shot about 50 rounds through it and...
  5. Colt cobra - serial number & refinish - inquiry

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    Dear Forum, I am new to the forum; frankly the subject of this post precipitated my joining (and I am certainly glad I did, of course). Issue(s)/Inquir(ies) relevant my recent purchase of a new to me/used Colt Cobra .38 special (blued, serial # 73951R) 1) my serial number is 73951R - I have...
  6. Bisley Refinish Price & info

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