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remington rand

  1. WTB: 1911a1's and Sig M17 surplus - Florida

    Want to Buy
    Hi if there is anyone local to Orlando, FL, I'm looking for some nice WW2 1911a1's, (must be all original). If you have a USGI holster to go with it even better. Might be interested in a WW1 Colt (must be all original). Also looking for a Sig M17 surplus (or several if you have them) as well...
  2. I'm looking for some more info on Remington Rand

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Hi All, I'm brand new to this site and I'm looking for some clarification on a pistol I received from my grandfather about 15 years ago. I believe it was his pistol from WWII. I think it's a Remington Rand with a serial # of 868,xxx. Can someone please take a look at some of the pics and...