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  1. Custom Shop Inc.
    Here is a link to the Completed Handguns Gallery on our website where we showcase many of the different revolver and pistol models and finishes we have restored here at Custom Shop, Inc. Completed Handguns Gallery - Custom Shop Also, here is a link to our Before & After Gallery where you...
  2. Custom Shop Inc.
    We've been getting quite a few firearms in that were damaged by the Fire Storms that raged through Northern California a few months ago. Of the 5 revolvers we received from a single household, we finished the restoration work on one of their Colt Pythons. Here are some of the Before and After...
  3. Custom Shop Inc.
    Here is a video of a Bright Stainless, 2-1/2" Colt Python that we just refinished here at Custom Shop, Inc. Check out the polish that we got on this baby! Crazy Gorgeous wouldn't you say? That's what we do here at Custom Shop! This video received over 50,000 views on Instagram in just a...
  4. Custom Shop Inc.
    A catastrophic House Fire resulted in total loss of property. 3 Colt revolvers, kept in a non-heat rated safe, were exposed to damaging smoke. The high heat and thick smoke caused a chemical reaction. The surface bluing blistered and deformed. The grips dried out and became brittle. Our Custom...
  5. Custom Shop Inc.
    We just got this Colt Python in for restoration. As you can see, it has been completely hand etched. As a Colt Recommended Service & Restoration Center, we'll be restoring this Python back to its original, factory condition. Keep tracking our posts and we'll show you how the restoration...
  6. Custom Shop Inc.
    Check out our video of a Colt Python 8-inch Bright Stainless we restored. This High Polish is so perfect you could use it as a mirror to shave! Here at Custom Shop, Inc., we are known for our spectacular High Polish finishes.
  7. Colt-Smithing
    bought this bout 5 years ago. didn't really have time/money to shoot since then so Its kinda been sitting since then. Its a Colt Official Police in .22, dated to 1947. got it for a steal, but not without a price. The rifling is near-pristine and the action and timing is crisp. If cocked very...
1-7 of 7 Results