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  1. Colt Officers Model Special missing the I in Officers

    Colt Revolvers
    I just purchased a '50 Officers Model Special that is missing the I in the roll stamp for Officer. Though it was unique and in excellent condition so I bought it.Thanks for any help. I will try to post pictures
  2. 1975 Colt Detective Special 2" 6-Shot Revolver Pachmayr Grips Bluing Works Great!!!

    Want to Sell
    1975 Colt Detective Special 2" 6-Shot Revolver Pachmayr Grips Bluing Works Great!!! Up for sale is a great carry COLT Detective Special in .38 special +p 6-Shot Revolver with a 2" barrel blued. This baby is really nice. The bluing all over the gun is in excellent shape except for right by the...
  3. I need help identifying the 32 W.C.F.

    Photos Area
    My grandfathers sidearm while a sheriff, in Rodeo New Mexico around 1920. The serial # on the 292xxx, a double action,4" barrel, nubers 289 on the frame. I dont know when the pearl handle was installed or? I keep thinking a 1905 but all there is on the barrel is 32 W.C.F. . where the trigger...
  4. Colt New Service

    Colt Revolvers
    Recently acquired a Colt New Service revolver. Serial number dates it to 1915. Gun has about 60% of the blue left, shows some holster wear. Appears to be a 455 elley from the factory. Somebody stamped over it and it says 45 CAL but the 5 is still barely visible. Any idea what its worth? Gun has...
  5. Need help on this one...

    Colt Revolvers
    Hi all, I am new to this forum but am looking for some help. I have an old Colt that I inherited from my grandfather. This one for whatever reason was not taken care of well. I had a friend look into this and tell me it is a New Army model from the 1890s. Anybody have any history about these...
  6. 1920 army special

    Colt Revolvers
    Just bought one at nice little gun show and my jesus is it loud. anybody know anything cool about this gun the internet hasn't been much help yet i figure people on the net could give me some opinions/interesting facts or what have you, especially this site.
  7. WTB Colt Python 2nd Generation Grips

    Want to Buy
    I have a 1972 4" Blued Python I need orginal stocks for.
  8. King Cobra Pistol Plug

    Colt Revolvers
    Anyone know I can acquire a replacement Pistol Plug because that's the only thing missing from my box?