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  1. Blueprints for replica Paterson Revolver

    Colt Percussion Revolvers
    Is there a good place to find detailed machining blueprints for making replicas of the Colt Paterson pistol? Im starting my journey in machining and gunsmithing and the paterson has been a gun that my media consumption as a kid has imprinted into my brain so its a project close to heart.
  2. looking for a good gunsmith in the Chicago area for 1st generation colt revolver.

    Single Action Army
    looking for gunsmith in the Chicago are who can asemble a 1st generation colt revolver from parts. I have all the parts. Thanks in advance, Scott
  3. Antique Colt Fire Arms Thread...

    Colt Revolvers
    Share your vast love for Antique Colt Firearms from old to new models. Here I want to share my son's collections of antique Colt firearms... Colt Single Action Army .44 Rimfire caliber revolver. Made in 1876. The Rimfire Single Actions were early guns produced in their own serial range, 1-1863...
  4. Colt New Service Value and Identifying a 357

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello, I have inherited my grandfathers collection and I am currently deciding what I'd like to keep and what I'd like to sell. Im trying to compile a list of values, dates, and other info to put together a full documentation of what he had. In my research there seems to be a very wide range...
  5. Snubbed 1921 Police Positive Special 32-20

    Want to Sell
    Friend of mine was in need of some cash, so I picked this up from him a few weeks ago. Wheelguns have never really been my thing, and after taking it to the range, I'm just as convinced that fact remains true. Quick rundown - per Colt serial lookup, this was originally a 1921 Police Positive...
  6. Could One of You Help Me Identify This Single Action Model?

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello. I have this single action Colt piece, which belonged to my father in Los Angeles. My understanding is that it eventually became a movie stunt gun, but I have no verification of this. I note that the firing pin has been filed off so that it cannot fire. The outside finish isn't bad, but...
  7. Grips: 1948 Colt Official Police?

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello everone. I recently inherited a Colt Office Police from my father. It's got a six inch barrel and bright blue finish. Unfortunately, it's got replacement rubber Aimpoint grips. I'd like to replace these with the original Colt grips to get back to original condition. The serial number is...
  8. New Dan Wesson 715

    The Lounge
    I just put a deposit on one these and I was wondering if anyone owns one of the new CZ Dan Wesson 715’s? Its every bit as solid as the old ones I remember, and yes it is as expensive as they used to be back in the day when they ruled the Metalic Silhouette circuit. The balance fees great, and it...
  9. Fitzgerald Special update.....It's his! (I think)

    Colt Revolvers
    A few months ago I posted a few pictures of a gun I inherited from my grandfather...a Fitzgerald Special. I got some amazing replies, including one from the owner of showing a picture of JH Fitzgerald holding what looks like the actual gun! I sent out to Colt for some authenticity...
  10. Colt .41 Revolver... Looking for info

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello everyone second time posting... I think I might have posted in the wrong thread. I bought this gun at a pawn shop. I thought it was really cool so I bought it. The gun seems to be working, it cocks back and dry fires (I didn't dry fire it the lady behind the counter did ). On top of the...
  11. Colt .41 Revolver... Looking for info

    New Members Introduction
    Hello everyone first time posting and first day with an account. I bought this gun at a pawn shop. I thought it was really cool so I bought it. The gun seems to be working, it cocks back and dry fires (I didn't dry fire it the lady behind the counter did ). On top of the barrel it reads Colts...
  12. What is it? Need help please!1871? open top?

    Colt Revolvers
    I just purchased this gun and not sure what it is. I think it is around 1871-1875. is this new line, old line, pocket pistol? It is a .22 serial number 12136. Thank you for any help Kevin
  13. Need HELP identifying my colt revolver that I inherited

    Photos Area
    Good evening fellow Colt members!! I need help identifying my Blackpowder Colt Revolver that I was left after one of the most important people in my life past away. A little about the gun its in its original box that says Blackpowder on it. all the serial numbers match at 087. on the top of...
  14. 1874 Colt Open Top Pocket Model .22 S/N# 8951

    Colt Percussion Revolvers
    I've acquired this Colt .22 and don't have much information on it. It's in okay condition, it looks like it could still fire it (I won't unless it gets checked out first), appears all the bluing is gone, but the wood stocks look good and there does seem to be some significant pitting...
  15. Advice Needed 22LR Colt Cobra or Other

    Colt Revolvers
    I have my eyes on finding a Colt Cobra chambered for 22 LR. First there seems to be some issues with what constitutes the second edition of this gun. Some sites showing a second edition when they lengthened the ejector rod and shortened the grip. Other sites claim the second edition is the...
  16. Received a mystery box, had a set of Colt Revolver Grips, NEED HELP

    Colt Revolvers
    Okay so last night a buddy that ins't into guns gave me his fathers old shooting range bag because he knew I would appreciate it more than he would. So in the bag there was some old ear muffs and plugs and a pachmayr box. I looked into the box that showed black grips and there was a set of...
  17. Official Police Colt 38 special

    Colt Revolvers
    My grandfather recently gave my brother a 1945 official police 38 special revolver with a 4" barrel. For christmas I hope to get him an official belt holster to match the vintage of the gun. Any knowledge on where I can purchase one would be much appreciated.
  18. 1976 Colt Lawman Marklll .357

    Colt Revolvers
    New to this sight so my apologies for posting and deleting. Anyhow, this is my hand me down. I must say, I'm not a revolver guy but this one is a sweet piece. A bit large for me but I do for some reason still have it. Fired only a few times in the last 10-12 years. Debating to keep it or find a...
  19. .357 Colt Lawman Marklll

    Colt Revolvers
    So I've had this revolver for some time now, almost 10 years. I have put maybe 3 rounds through it in that time. Now I'm getting around to using it I think its a little big for me. So I've been looking around for a smaller frame, maybe even caliber. However I do like it, so I wanted to finds...
  20. Price check on 4" Python - late 1970's

    Hello everyone! New to this forum, first post actually. I am looking into buying a colt python as sort of an investment (a fun investment). I have a friend who is trying to sell his. Can you guys tell me what you think this python is worth? I trust him a lot I just want to make sure i'm making a...