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  1. Python
    This is my first post. I have been a firearm enthusiast for quite some time, but have never owned a Python. Hoping to rectify that situation, I have been searching locally. This is the first example that has turned up. The seller wants 3,000, which I think is a bit high. I don’t feel as...
  2. Colt Semiauto Pistols
    I know the "Colt Custom" markings are...controversial here but I wanted to share my shiny new 1911. I really wanted to get my hands on a new Colt bearing the Royal Blue finish to see how it compares to 1911s and Pythons of the past. Also I wanted to have a polished Royal Blue Colt that I shoot...
  3. Colt Revolvers
    Friends, 10 years ago I bought a New Frontier Buntline .45 in its original box. This is the Archive Letter Are there any others left of this rare breed??? It is not the most beautiful revolver I admit. Peter
  4. The Lounge
    Thanks to being inspired here by ei8ht, I ordered a US Armament 1903 Hammerless. I am picking it up next week when I am eligible to purchase a handgun again. NJ...don’t even get me started. I have a question for either ei8ht, or Brent about the production numbers for these guns being made. I...
  5. Colt Revolvers
    Maybe I should have MY DS refinished and then jack up the asking price as a "second one of a kind". Colt does do some pretty work. COLT DETECTIVE SPECIAL ROYAL BLUE 38 1 of a KIND! : Revolvers at
1-5 of 5 Results