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saa 1st gen

  1. Original 1888 Colt SAA in 38 Colt value

    Single Action Army
    I want to buy an original Colt 1888 SAA in 38 Colt cal, but I do not know what would be a fair price. According to the seller, the revolver is all matching, works good, good bore. Most nickel remaining with some frosting. It do come with a Colt letter. I only have 1 picture of the Colt, but I...
  2. 1882 SAA with issues

    Single Action Army
    I need help. New member, first post. I inherited a fairly nice 1882 .45cal SAA with issues and local attempts to get answers has left me with little more than self proclaimed experts that can't agree on what they're looking at. I have the Colt letter confirming s/n date and details which was...
  3. 1876 saa

    Colt Revolvers
    I just bought this revolver today. It has been greatly neglected. Serial numbers all match. On the underside of the frame are the numbers 40 and 30. They are covered when the trigger guard is installed. What is the significance of these number? Thanks, Nae
  4. Colt SAA 1882 Lanara restoration

    Single Action Army
    Before all the abusive comments about messing with an all original parts 1st Gen SAA, here is the story. This gun was purchased new by my 4th great grand father who was a civil war veteran and post war sheriff (Arkansas, Washington Co.). It was matched with a Colt Lighting (same year of mfg)...
  5. COLT SAA 1st gen 1901

    Single Action Army
    :confused: I need a bit of help from all you old smokewagons out there, roamin the range. I just read a post about a 1st gen 1900 SAA that didn't have a (VP) verified proof mark? Ummm, ok what the heck is that? Mine was made in mid 1901, has no such marks. I know it is a transition gun, but does...