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  1. My Modest Colt Single Action Army Collection

    Single Action Army
    I just added a new 7 1/2" Cavalry Model recently. Was lucky to find it at a gun store locally on the shelf. The last one I ordered took almost a year to get. I am hoping to add a second generation gun to this mix shortly. I have shot them all and think there is something special about this...
  2. Colt 2nd Gen Single Action Army Lawman Series Bat Masterson Model Mfg 1967 - 45 colt

    Want to Sell
    This 2nd Generation Colt Single Action Army was made in 1967 and is still new in the Presentation case and unfired. The craftsmanship on the limited edition pistols is beautiful. Of the Lawman Series of Colt SAA revolvers, the Bat Masterson Model seems to be the most desirable. It has no gaudy...
  3. Price for SAAs in the mid 90s?

    Single Action Army
    I'm curious what a nickel SAA in .44 might have cost new in the mid 90s... Anybody recall (ballpark is fine)?
  4. Leonard Francolini Engraved Colt Saa Value?

    Single Action Army
    Hello, I was wondering if anybody has any idea of the value of this gun? I have a Colt letter coming. I had it listed for sale on GB and GA and GI but pulled it off. Do you know anything about the gun? Thanks for any help.
  5. Cutting the bolt front ledge?

    Single Action Army
    Hello, I read some people cut the bolt front ledge so that the bolt goes deeper into the cylinder notches... Now, I am thinking that if that ledge is there, it's for a reason... What is it? I suspect it should not be done, correct or ok? My issue is that my bolt starts retracting pretty late...
  6. P1850G Roll Mark Question

    Single Action Army
    Hello all. I just joined this forum and apologize if this has already been discussed in another thread. I picked up a 1998 SAA P1850G(4), 5 1/2" 45 Colt. I noticed however that the left side of the frame is bare, no roll mark or rampant colt. The barrel is stamped correctly but other than the...
  7. Machining marks or clear problem??

    Single Action Army
    Hi all, new member longtime Colt owner, I purchased a 3rd gen sheriff's model that had 'never been fired' - which looked to be in good condition until I borescopes it. I am very concerned about some rough marks that I am not sure are actually machining marks, but am afraid they might make the...
  8. Timing my Colt Single Action Army.

    Single Action Army
    Hello. This video is unlisted... I would like you guy's opinion on my timing efforts. Thank you. Gil.
  9. Need help Identifying and price of Colt SAA 1886 .45LC Nickeled

    Colt Revolvers
    New to the forum Thank you in advance for help and input. I recently acquired what I'm pretty sure is a Colt SAA .45LC mfg 1886 from the serial number. The grips have been replaced with cheap ones and I believe the gun has been re nickeled. The nickel is covering any identifying marks other than...
  10. I put a deposit on this 1897 4-3/4" brl .38-40 SAA, opinions?

    Single Action Army
    I wanted more of a shooter than a safe queen, so I finally pulled the trigger on this Single Action Army. What do you guys think of this piece? Thanks! Gil.
  11. What can you tell about this 1883 Colt SAA?

    Single Action Army
    Hello,You guy's opinion would be greatly appreciated. I have this Single Action Army on hold...Sorry, some photos aren't very good.Thank you! Gil.
  12. Colt SAA Grips - Black HR - No Eagle

    Want to Buy
    Hi - About how much and where to find a decent set of used Black HR factory grips vs Old Ivory for a 1900 Colt SAA Blue Frontier Six Shooter. I am aware some members here have some which could work... I'm just trying to cover all my based on possible sources.. Thanks - Ed
  13. WTB - Colt SAA blued cylinder and hammer in 44-40

    Want to Buy
    Hi, looking for a vintage colt 44-40 Cylinder and Hammer - to restore my 1900 SAA to factory config. I also would be interested in knowing of anyone has a 5-1/2" blue Frontier Six Shooter Barrel - Early Smokeless
  14. Share your Cowboy Shooting kit

    Single Action Army
    Thought I would start a thread to share those SASS combinations we all love to shoot. Top is a Marlin 94 in 38-40. I shoot two top pistols in 41 Colt, one is marked 41 Colt the other is a 38-40 with a 41 Colt cylinder. Very accurate at cowboy ranges. The lower Bisleys are 38-40s. Love only...
  15. 1st Gen Colt SAA Broken Mainspring

    Sent my 1880 Six Shooter to Jim Martin and he suggested I post a photo of my broken mainspring (possibly the original) because it's not properly ground. Any DIY mainspring DIYers out there are urged to fair the sides and surface properly so as to prevent the ridges that create weak points (I...
  16. OLD hard rubber SAA grips for Sale

    Want to Sell
    Since it's been pointed out that I don't know exactly how old these are…..Ive changed my ad: Here's a pretty decent set of non-eagle SAA grips (including screw) for sale. Asking $200 & that'll include shipping to the CONUS. Thanks, Weldon
  17. Smoothbore SAA's

    Single Action Army
    I have read some stories on how there are a couple of smoothbore SAA's supposedly used in the Wild West shows. When I started thinking about this, how would these guns have been used? I assume they fired .45 shotshells through 'em, but wouldn't that be somewhat "cheating" since its much easier...
  18. SAA Pinch Frame

    Single Action Army
    I realize there is a ton of information missing and not much information picture wise but I saw this in the local trading forum and thought I would bring it to you all's attention.
  19. *REMOVE* USFA SAA Birdhead Revolver .45LC 3.5" Nickel NIB

    Want to Sell
    moving to auction-
  20. (*SOLD*) WTS Colt SAA 1850 B/CC 5.5" 45LC NIB

    Want to Sell
    *SOLD to aquadude2, thanks KP* WTS a NIB Colt SAA Model P1850 in 45 LC (5.5" Barrel). This one is special...and whoever worked in the Blue Dome on "that day" payed attention in class! The Cold Casing is outragous! Come with Blue Box, Papers & Lock...has never been out of the safe...please...