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  1. Single Action Army
    Need help setting a price to list gun please. Also any input on best way to sell such as GB, RIA, gunshop, consignment, etc. would be very helpful. Thanks! The link below is to this gun the last time it was in rock island auction. It wasn’t that long ago so maybe value still around the same...
  2. New Members Introduction
    Was told to come here if was looking to buy a colt saa , Really looking for a late 3rd gen 357 4 3/4 Would really appreciate any help
  3. Single Action Army
    Hey y’all, I’m new to the forum but I was here to see if anyone would have any information on past owners of a gun I was passed down by my grandpa. It is 1900 SAA .38wcf with a 4 3/4 barrel. The serial number is 197880. As far as Ik my grandpas father bought it from a hitchhiker somewhere in...
  4. Single Action Army
    I went to the Colt Collectors Show in Indiana a couple weeks ago and had such a great time with my dad. To top the amazing trip off, I was the LUCKY winner of the Elizabeth Colt Legacy Foundation raffle! Thought I would share some photos and give a HUGE shout out to the ECLF for what an...
  5. Single Action Army
    Well, purchase is complete! I have my dream Wild West Gun! I bet some of you can guess who sent it. Helluva deal. The sock was $4,000 but the Colt was free!!!!!!
  6. New Members Introduction
    I've had this 1893 saa for a couple years,serials match,but wondering about engraving and name on it.Anyone have any ideas?
  7. New Members Introduction
    Good afternoon Colt fans!!! Feel a bit odd. Got my 3 1976 box set of Colts as safe queens without even a fingerprint ever being on them, and gently abuse my Italian made 5 or so. Really want to take the Dragoon, SAA and Python out to play, but I'm to busy honing up my Walkers, Armys and...
  8. Single Action Army
    Hi everyone I just inherited this Colt from my grandfather. I have been doing some research on it to try to prove that it is in fact authentic, and I came across this chat form. I am curious if you guys think I should purchase a Kopec letter to prove it. There are no military inspection stamps...
  9. Single Action Army
    I need some major help sorting this gun out. Found it in amongst a number of old guns in an old collection I bought (was after a few really nice civil war rifles and some colt Navy's). The wording on the barrel has been completely rubbed off and it appears to be refinished fairly well. The...
  10. Single Action Army
    Hello, I've been looking for a Colt SAA in .357 w/4.75" barrel for a couple months now. Not sure on most people's feeling on a Colt SAA in .357 but trying to keep the different calibers in my safe to a minimum with the prices of ammo lately. I'm looking for an earlier manufacturing date. If...
  11. Single Action Army
    Hi! I am new to this forum so I hope I am in the correct place for my questions. I am liquidating my FIL gun collection and seem to be struggling with placing a value on a few of his Colts. I have searched the BlueBook of Guns and think I am in the correct area, but just not 100% sure. From my...
  12. The Lounge
    Hope this is the correct forum, I'm thinking primarily SAA but applies to all. I had always assumed roll marks and such were applied before case hardening. What makes sense to me is to machine the frame, cut threads and holes, etc., fit BS & TG, fit and polish, and then disassemble, stamp SN...
  13. Single Action Army
    I got this 1889 Colt SAA in a lucky trade recently. It is chambered in 38-40, and it's my first SAA. The positive qualities: it is still functional with original parts, and it can be fired. Also, there is minimal pitting, which I would imagine is great for a 132 year old gun. The negative...
  14. Single Action Army
    I have what I think is a third generation SAA, .45 given as a gift at least 20 years ago. Serial number front of the trigger guard is MDM002. I don't find any other serial numbers anywhere (cylinder, under grip, barrel etc). number does not seem to match any on file at Colt. Help please??
  15. Single Action Army
    I am new to forum and a new owner of a frontier six made in 1881. It is chambered in 44-40. I tried to load it today and the rounds wouldn’t go in. They got stuck about half way in. I took out the chamber and they fell right in. It looked like as I put the chamber pin all the way in it moves the...
  16. Single Action Army
    I just added a new 7 1/2" Cavalry Model recently. Was lucky to find it at a gun store locally on the shelf. The last one I ordered took almost a year to get. I am hoping to add a second generation gun to this mix shortly. I have shot them all and think there is something special about this...
1-18 of 92 Results