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  1. My basic training clone.

    Photos Area
    It was about 44 ago now. (Dang!) I have 1 picture of me holding my rifle so I did the best I could as far as matching. My rifle was a mix of models. I do remember I had a 3 prong flash hider because mine was the only rifle with one in the whole company. That made it real easy to find it on...
  2. Python 8 nch with scope..seial number info?

    Just obtained a 8 inch blue python with scope serial number looks like Ko42xx? is this right or is it KO42xx? date of manufacture?
  3. King Cobra scope mounts

    Colt Revolvers
    I'd like to put a Trijicon RMR on my Colt King Cobra 4" what would you recommend? Mine is already tapped for a scope with the plugs in it. What would you guys recommend for a mount to accomplish this?