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  1. Questions on Serial Num and re-blued Python

    :rolleyes:Hi folks, Yesterday I picked up a 6" Python. The seller said it had been re-blued by Colt. I have two questions about this gun. 1. Until I can call Colt, does anyone know the approximate year of manufacture for serial number T904xx? 2. Assuming the gun has been re blued by Colt (which...
  2. Colt cobra - serial number & refinish - inquiry

    Colt Revolvers
    Dear Forum, I am new to the forum; frankly the subject of this post precipitated my joining (and I am certainly glad I did, of course). Issue(s)/Inquir(ies) relevant my recent purchase of a new to me/used Colt Cobra .38 special (blued, serial # 73951R) 1) my serial number is 73951R - I have...
  3. DA Dates of Manufacture thru 1985

    Colt Revolvers
    Someone had to do it. Later than this, call Colt. Note that there is a likely entry error in other versions of this chart for the Python from 1982 to 1983. Other versions show >K99999 for 1983 implying that K serials "start" at K99999 in 1983. I doubt it. IMO it is more likely that they ran...