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  1. Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Hello all, I just purchased a used 1911 series 80 government mkiv in stainless steel SN SS042XX. It came with both wood and pachmayr rubber grips and also 2 mags no box. Can someone help me with manufacture date and tell me if I paid too much? I paid 450 OTD pictures added
  2. New Members Introduction
    I am brand new to Colts. My previous handgun experience was on the job with a S&W 9mm (hated it that piece of junk) and a Glock 17 (never failed). My Colt purchase was to support the USS Texas and it is the commemorative model with the laser etching. It is beautiful and no, it is not for...
  3. Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Hello everyone,I am new to the forum so please excuse some of my pictures being the wrong way.I recently purchased a nice little colt and I have a few questions about it. I'm not sure how oraginal it is, the owner passed away and his daughter sold off all his guns to the local gun my...
  4. Colt Semiauto Pistols
    ***EDIT Photos added in new reply*** Hey Everyone, I was hoping that you guys could help me figure out everything that I need to know about my gun (or that can be known). I purchased a Colt .45 Series 80 as my first gun last year without knowing too much about them (other than wanting a...
  5. Colt Semiauto Pistols
    I just bought a Colt 45 - MK IV series 80 - Officer's acp. looks like it's in excellent condition. The guy I bought it from claims that it had less than 100 rounds shot through it. I gave $600 for it. To view it, watch my field strip video on you tube...
1-5 of 5 Results