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single action army

  1. My Modest Colt Single Action Army Collection

    Single Action Army
    I just added a new 7 1/2" Cavalry Model recently. Was lucky to find it at a gun store locally on the shelf. The last one I ordered took almost a year to get. I am hoping to add a second generation gun to this mix shortly. I have shot them all and think there is something special about this...
  2. 3rd Gen Colt SAA 45 with Ivory by Nutmeg Sports

    Want to Sell
    I bought this 3rd Gen Colt 5.5 inch barrel in 45 colt from Impact Guns and then sent it to Nutmeg Sports to add Ivory. I have the original stocks, blue and white box and all the paper work to go with it. It's never been fired outside of anything the Colt factory has done with it. If you want...
  3. My Basket Case

    Single Action Army
    Hi Guys, Bought this many years ago and yet to get the letter for it. I should because it is a rare .38 Colt with a serial number around 1912 It was in pieces when I got it Someone thought they would bend the grip frame to make it look like a Bisley I made a fixture to bend it back You can see...
  4. (*SOLD*) WTS Colt SAA 1850 B/CC 5.5" 45LC NIB

    Want to Sell
    *SOLD to aquadude2, thanks KP* WTS a NIB Colt SAA Model P1850 in 45 LC (5.5" Barrel). This one is special...and whoever worked in the Blue Dome on "that day" payed attention in class! The Cold Casing is outragous! Come with Blue Box, Papers & Lock...has never been out of the safe...please...
  5. Sold: Cimarron Model P .45 SAA with lots of upgrades

    Want to Sell
    Up for your consideration is a Cimarron Model P, pre-war, .45, 5.5" barrel as new in box (never fired) with several important upgrades. First off, the case coloring is genuine bone-charcoal, not the typical chemical case coloring found on Ubertis. Second, the grips are custom made walnut grips...
  6. Colt single action army rare owned by arvo ojala from gunsmoke tv show

    Single Action Army
    Here is an interesting auction I found where there selling the gun and holster owned by ARVO OJALA. That is the guy who trained James Arness how to fast draw and he was also the actor that got shot every week on the TV show on the opening scene. Here's a link.
  7. End shake tolerances

    Colt Revolvers
    I have read several postings lately about end shake. I have 2, 3rd gen SAA. One 357 And the other 44 special. I went and bought needle gauges since both are1980 productions. The 357 has a .003 gap and the 44 is .004. Since I only shoot cowboy loads should I be concerned? I have read that...
  8. New Frontier Single Action Army serial numbers by year

    Single Action Army
    Date - Start / Finish 1961 - 3000NF / 3005NF 1962 - 3006NF / 3849NF 1963 - 3850NF / 4699NF 1964 - 4700NF / 4974NF 1965 - 4975NF / 5399NF 1966 - 5400NF / 5674NF 1967 - 5675NF / 5699NF 1968 - 5700NF / 5899NF 1969 - 5900NF / 5924NF 1970 - 5935NF / 6874NF 1971 - 6875NF / 7049NF 1972 - 7050NF /...
  9. SOLD: 1978 Colt SAA .44 SPL. 3rd Gen. 7 1/2. Mint. VIDEO

    Want to Sell
    Sold Sold...
  10. Colt I puyrchased from Burt Reynolds

    New Members Introduction
    Just bought this Patton Commemorative from the recent Burt Reynolds house cleaning auction: 35 caliber, 4.75" barrel, S/N 322088. Engraved with carved grips and the initials GSP enameled. Lanyard ring in the bottom of the grip strap. It is not the Uberti replica gun you see all over and I...
  11. *SOLD* WTS: NOS colt SAA 44-40 Cylinder - Factory Sealed

    Want to Sell
    For sale is a NOS 44-40 colt SAA cylinder Generation 3, still in factory shrink wrap and sealed from colt. Please note; these cylinders do not come with the bushing.. this can be purchased separately from colt or 3rd party part locations. Payment is USPS MO, Paypal Gift or + 4% to cover fees...
  12. SAA Serial number 40? -- Need help authenticating

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello everyone, I am new to the Colt Forum as I have just been given my first Colt SAA revolver from my father-in-law. He acquired the gun at least 20 years ago. My concerns are that the pistol is authentic as the serial number is 40! The first item that I find interesting is that my...
  13. I'm in need of some sage gun wisdom ????

    Colt Revolvers
    I have a a colt pyhon alaskan 25th aniversary comerative 357 number 1 of 200 and new in box with all the paper work that comes with it and was interested in selling but have no idea as to its value and what other documentaion would be helpful. i also have the colt SAA transalaska pipeline...