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  1. The Lounge
    A old model ruger super black, colt diamondback, Smith M&P 38 pre model 10. And a marlin 336cs roughly 1984
  2. The Lounge His premise that CZ is now better positioned to compete for military contracts is fine, but he completely ignored all...
  3. The Lounge
    Gents, we are back in Alaska and have settled back into our semi-normal routines after the passing of our Father. I even took my brother on a waterfowl trip to Sitka Alaska to chase some Seaducks and we had a blast spending time together with a good friend. Dad would of enjoyed that trip and we...
  4. New Members Introduction
    I am a retired GM worker who has been shooting for at least 50 years now. I have owned many different models of rifles and handguns but am currently down to only 5 between both types. . My list will soon include some Colts as I have traded them all off at the moment but not for long. Having had...
1-4 of 5 Results