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  1. SWAMPRAT Hugh Clark's Sons Selling some guns

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    Gents, we are back in Alaska and have settled back into our semi-normal routines after the passing of our Father. I even took my brother on a waterfowl trip to Sitka Alaska to chase some Seaducks and we had a blast spending time together with a good friend. Dad would of enjoyed that trip and we...
  2. *Traded!* WTS Model 10 police trade in, DE

    Want to Sell
    *Traded* Selling a Smith and Wesson model 10-5. It was a police trade in, and it's not in good cosmetic shape. Mechanically, it's great though. Timing, end shake, etc. are good. I stoned and polished wearing surfaces, so this gun is extremely smooth. The double and single action pulls are light...
  3. New from Canada.

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    I am a retired GM worker who has been shooting for at least 50 years now. I have owned many different models of rifles and handguns but am currently down to only 5 between both types. . My list will soon include some Colts as I have traded them all off at the moment but not for long. Having had...