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  1. Traded - Please Delete 1965 2.5” Blue Python

    Want to Sell
    Looking to trade or sell an extra 2.5” python made in 1965. I will trade up or down depending on what is offered. Looking for Nickel/ Stainless Trooper, Nickel / Stainless Lawman, early black powders and other rare or hard to find Colt revolvers. I will be happy to take more pictures and answer...
  2. How to sell my Colt Viper

    Colt Revolvers
    I have a Colt Viper from 1977 that has been fired a few times but is essentially like new. I'd like suggestions on how I can get the most possible for it. It's been sitting in my drawer for a long time and it might be time to sell it. As I look online for prices, they appear to be in the...
  3. Bank of Findlay Gun sets

    Colt Revolvers
    After 35 years I am coming out of hiding. I was the banker that started the snake gun promotion at the Bank of Findlay, and later bought and sold the bank. To everyone who bought the CD, and received the guns, you got a great deal, a truly wonderful investment. Thats the was too...
  4. Wts 4" ss king cobra

    Want to Sell
    I have a 4" SS King Cobra to sell with the original blue hard case. I found the sale bill that says I bought it in 1996. The SN is VK69XX which dates to a 1992 build date. I only ever had it out 2 times, so it has a very low round count. A slight line on the cylinder can be seen, otherwise it is...
  5. Wts cca limited edition book-seven serpents

    Want to Sell
    For sale, perfect mint condition CCA signed copy of Seven Serpents The History Of Colt's Snake Guns by Gurney Brown. Selling for $160 shipped. A copy recently sold on ebay for $249.00 Check or money order only please. I do not have paypal. Thanks.
  6. First Generation Python - 1959

    Colt Revolvers
    I had to post pictures of my Grail Gun -- A First Generation Python from 1959. It is in excellent condition for its age -- some minor issues with the finish but nothing major and all visible in the pictures. It was in desperate need of a good oiling. Timing and lock-up are absolutely...
  7. Books about Colt Pythons?

    Does anyone know of any books devoted to just the Python or even Snake guns? I have done some searching and cannot find much. Basically the only thing I keep running into are books on Python assembly/disassembly. I find it hard to believe there are not multiple books on the subject and the...