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  1. Bankers Special Pricing Guide

    Colt Revolvers
    I'm in the market for a .22 Bankers Special. I've done quite a bit of research through old auctions from over the years from different sites. Gunbroker, icollector,, liveauctioneers, rockisland, etc. I think I've got a decent idea, but it's sort of hard to figure out what a fair...
  2. Detective Special Light Primer Strikes

    I have a 1968 Colt Detective Special suffering from light primer strikes. After some research, I determined it might be the mainspring having been weakened, so I bought a new old stock spring and had a gunsmith swap it out for the old mainspring in the gun. After I went to pick it up, they told...
  3. Fitzgerald Special update.....It's his! (I think)

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    A few months ago I posted a few pictures of a gun I inherited from my grandfather...a Fitzgerald Special. I got some amazing replies, including one from the owner of showing a picture of JH Fitzgerald holding what looks like the actual gun! I sent out to Colt for some authenticity...
  4. Colts For Sale - 1948 Detective Special .38 Colt New Police, 1975 MK III Trooper .357

    Want to Sell
    Up for sale are two very nice Colt's. Listed beloware the photos and descriptions of each. Methods of payment will be a 'Friend to Friend'PayPal transaction (w/no fees), Money Order or Certified Check. Thanksfor looking! Colt 1948 Detective Special .38 Colt New Police w/Original...
  5. Colt Official Police 38 special ctg

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    I am looking for some clarification about my Colt Official Police .38 Special ctg . indicates that my Colt was made in 1961. No Problem. But the Gun Codes and Markings section gave me this for the ctg: ctg WW-II German ordnance code assigned to Karlshutte Waldenburg, Altwasser...
  6. Colt special lady

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    hi all im new to the forum (although a lurker) and had a question for all the colt gurus, i have come across a colt special lady to help a buddy who bought it for his ex wife in 1998 and never shot it. so it is a safe queen that has been shot a handful of rounds. ive searched and searched for a...
  7. .38 Police Special Hand engraved w/mother of pearl grips..Anyone know what its worth?

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    I dont know alot about the gun. I bought it for 350 because someone couldnt get grips on. I payed grandfather 100 to engrave it. (Robert Valade)Fixed grips and cleaned it up. I want to know if my 500$ was worth it?????