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stainless python

  1. SOLD COLT PYTHON .357 MAG 4' BTST " Bright Stainless" IN BOX

    Want to Sell
    SOLD...... VERY NICE-Collector Quality BTST Colt Python 357 magnum with a 4" barrel. BTST Pythons are getting harder and harder to find and especially in such good condition. This is a beautiful gun that was part of an elderly gentleman's gun collection, but it has been fired. $3,250 plus...
  2. WTB: 4 Inch Python Stainless

    Want to Buy
    Does not need to be NIB - but in great condition. My father retired from L.E. several years ago and carried this model some years back. He kept most of his duty weapons, however he did not keep this one and still regrets ever getting rid of it. I would like to find one and buy it for him to...