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  1. Colt SAA Grips - Black HR - No Eagle

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    Hi - About how much and where to find a decent set of used Black HR factory grips vs Old Ivory for a 1900 Colt SAA Blue Frontier Six Shooter. I am aware some members here have some which could work... I'm just trying to cover all my based on possible sources.. Thanks - Ed
  2. For Sale Fuzzy Farrant Grips N-Frame Smith &Wesson

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    SOLD For Sale Fuzzy Farrant Grips N-Frame Smith &Wesson SOLD SOLD months ago... One pair of double palm swell combat grips for a Smith N-Frame revolver by Fuzzy Farrant. Most certainly tiger-wood. These are pristine and very finely cross hatched (checkered). Includes original grip screw...
  3. Ivory Recommendations

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    I would be grateful for any recommendations for a source of custom ivory stocks to fit to a Korth revolver.
  4. WTS Colt Python Series III Stocks Grips

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    THESE HAVE SOLD, THANKS FOR THE INTEREST Evening All, I have a complete set of Python Series III stock with the screw and bushing included. Minor wear marks, no cracks or chips in walnut. Test fit on my 1974 and they fit perfectly with no shifting or major gaps. $275, shipping included, OBO...
  5. Grip/Stock 'Ghost' Line On The Side Of Revolver?

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    Dear Gentlemen and Ladies present, I enjoy looking for Colt treasures on the various internet gun auction websites. Rarely do I buy... sometimes I do... but I watch the market... so to speak. I see... on occasion... what I think to be... on the revolvers of my choice... a faint, ghost like...
  6. Diamondback Stocks- Question

    Colt Revolvers
    Hi everyone, I've got another question for the experts on here. I have a 1968 Diamondback currently wearing newer stocks (the straight line style). I believe the correct stocks are the "smiley" style with silver medallions, and I have an opportunity to get some. One seller is offering a set for...
  7. WTT Diamondback Stocks

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    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a 1968 diamondback in very good condition except that the grips are from a later make (I think they are gen 3 grips). I would be fine with keeping them as they are in good condition, but I wanted to see if anyone would be open to trading. I would be looking for...
  8. WTB Fair condition Gen 3 Python target stocks

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    I would like to buy a set of gen 3 grips for a shooter Python. I am not looking for mint condition here, just some decent grips with a few flaws suited for a shooter Python with a few flaws of its own. If anyone has a set that they would sell, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
  9. Chipped Ivory

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    What suggestions are out there for repairing this set of stocks? Should I fill with epoxy of some sort or would contraction/expansion be an issue now or later? There is a small crack emanating out, toward the outside.
  10. FS: Colt 380 Stainless Extended Safety

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  11. Had a wild hair today!

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    So after shopping for replacement 1903 stocks and not loving the idea of cnc machined repos I decided to use a little dark teak I had laying around and whipped myself up a homemade pair. They won't pass for factory quality but I like 'em better than what is available and I just couldn't beat the...
  12. WTB Colt Python 2nd Generation Grips

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    I have a 1972 4" Blued Python I need orginal stocks for.
  13. Sold Several Colt Pachmayr Grips

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    I have several sets of Pachmayr grips that came on some guns that I bought. They all have the Colt medallion and all have been on guns. They have been sitting in a drawer and I am cleaning things out. Paypal is easiest either as a gift or with a 3% surcharge. I will ship USPS as soon as payment...