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  1. Smith & Wesson 19-3

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  2. *Traded!* WTS Model 10 police trade in, DE

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    *Traded* Selling a Smith and Wesson model 10-5. It was a police trade in, and it's not in good cosmetic shape. Mechanically, it's great though. Timing, end shake, etc. are good. I stoned and polished wearing surfaces, so this gun is extremely smooth. The double and single action pulls are light...
  3. Renaissance wax question

    Hi guys, just got my hands on some Renaissance wax. Took a little while to track it down. I plan on using it on some NIB blued Pythons and a model 29 Smith. How do you guys apply it.. soft cloth, or it it OK/safe to use your fingers? How hard do you work it in, and what do you finish polishing...
  4. Is there a noticeable difference in accuracy between Colt and S&W revolvers?

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    I just thought I'd run a poll and see if people think there's a difference. And by "noticeable" I mean noticeable on paper when fired from the bench by a skilled shooter with match grade ammo from between 25 and 50 yards depending on the gun (snubbies might be better at just 25 yards whereas...
  5. WTS Speedloaders-Python-S&W-Ruger

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    HKS speedloaders for sale. Priced to sell quick. I have 3) HKS PY-A for Colt Python- 2 are brand new in PKG & 1 lightly used- All 3 for $25.00 shipped.- SOLD 1) HKS 27-A for S&W 27/28, also fits the Ruger Redhawk- lightly used- $8 shipped. Check or m/o only I do not have paypal. Thanks.
  6. WTB S&W M&P9 mags

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    Please Help, Want to buy M&P9 mag(s). Picking up a gun this week, full size M&P9 that shipped without mags. Hopefully somehwere here can help me out. Looking for 10 or 15 rounders. Willing to pay above retail up to $55 a mag. Would like them to be in very good cond. Thanks in advance
  7. WTS: Colt & Smith / Wesson Factory display cases

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    SOLD: For Sale: Colt 1911 factory display case. Price: $200.00, and $19.00 for US48 shipping. Location: Chesterton, Indiana, NWI Description: Nice case with glass display, includes key. Top lid in slightly seperated see picture, but functions fine. For Sale: S&W...