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  1. WTT Pythons

    Want to Sell
    Find myself with a few too many pythons and would like to trade them for other snake guns in barrel lengths or finishes that I don’t currently have in collection. I would also consider early Colt revolvers and rare S&W. Below is picture of what I have for trade. Please note these are not for...
  2. WTT Colt SAA for M1 Garand

    Want to Sell
    I have a very nice 3rd Gen Colt SAA in .45 that I am thinking about trading for a nice WWII M1 Garand that does not look like in was run over by a tank. Please let me know if anyone has one. Prefer a SA. Please list breakdown of parts. My SAA was made in 1995. I am the second owner. I don't...
  3. Second Issue Border patrol with blue finish

    Colt Revolvers
  4. WTT 6" Colt Ananconda for a nice WWII era Garand

    Want to Sell
    Looking to possibly trade this beautiful 6" Colt Anaconda for a nice WWII period M1 garand only (Not looking to sell this). I am looking for an M1 that is a good shooter with good ME & TE readings. The Ananconda is in very good condition, and does not appear to have been shot much at all. Will...
  5. Wanted 4" Colt Python Will Trade Nib Never Fired KIMBER w/new NS and Glock 27+Bk Wii

    Want to Sell
    Wanted 4" Colt Python Will Trade Nib Never Fired KIMBER w/new NS and Glock 27+Bk Wii Wanted Colt Python .357 (W/Papers) 4" or 6" or possibly Colt Anaconda Will TRADE Like New KIMBER Cust. II with New Mep. Night sights. Has NEVER been Fired! and Excellent Cond. 3rd Gen Glock 27 Subcompact .40...
  6. Trade, Unfired Kimber Custom II/ Glock 27 w/New Ghost N/S For Colt Python or Anaconda

    Want to Sell
    I thought I would Try this and see where it goes! I am New at this.:p Thanks-Gary. Would like to Trade Nib Never fired Kimber .45 Custom II with New Mep. Night Sights, Factory Installed Purchased 6-15-10 Night Sights installed by Kimber 7-13-10 AND also will Trade Excellent Condition! Glock 27...