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  1. Serial Number Anomaly

    Single Action Army
    It's my understanding that Colt switched to the spring-loaded, horizontal base-pin release with serial number 164,100. I recently encountered a SSA in the 163xxx range with the horizontal base pin release. The piece appears never to have been refinished, and all serial numbers match. Any...
  2. WTS: Colt 1911 / 1924 transition pistol. SOLD

    Want to Sell
    SOLD----For Sale: Colt 1911 / 1924 transition pistol. This pistol has been reblued. This is one of 10,000 "transition" pistols that were manufactured in 1924. While still marked "1911", these pistols had the new improvements that would eventually cause the pistol to be renamed "1911A1". This is...
  3. Did someone just steal a Transition M1911A1 @ RIAC?

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Lot 3579 - Excellent U.S. Colt Transitional Model 1911 Semi-Automatic Pistol SOLD $ 3,250.00 + (666.25) buyer's premium + taxes, fees, etc... Serial Number: 707666 Excellent, with 97% plus of the original blue finish, showing bright wear along the high edges and scattered handling marks. The...
  4. Colt .45 Auto Series 80 Transition Model Info Wanted

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    ***EDIT Photos added in new reply*** Hey Everyone, I was hoping that you guys could help me figure out everything that I need to know about my gun (or that can be known). I purchased a Colt .45 Series 80 as my first gun last year without knowing too much about them (other than wanting a...
  5. 1926 Transition, and 1911 from 1916: pictures added

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    I am being offered a transition model sn 7010xx. According to Clawson's book that number was in the 7 Feb 1924 shipment of 1000. Clawson also says that the 1911A1 designation was adopted in 1926. Am I correct to assume from those dates that sn 7010xx should be marked as a 1911, not a 1911A1? Or...