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  1. 1851 Navy cocking/safety questions

    Colt Percussion Revolvers
    A couple of questions regarding my new-to-me 4th model Navy manufactured in 1861... When the hammer is pulled back slightly to the first "click" and is stopped there, the front edge of the hammer with the sight notch is aligned with the recoil shield. The trigger springs forward during this...
  2. Trigger pin on the Pocket Positive

    Colt Revolvers
    Hi, I have a Pocket Positive from 1920 and sadly I broke the pin that sits on the frame and pivots the trigger. Since I live in a gun-unfriendly country and good gunsmiths are hard to find here, is there any way I could replace that pin at home? And does the trigger pin from the Police Positive...
  3. Anaconda trigger problem? Yea or Nay?

    Colt Revolvers
    OK, I did a search but wasn't able to find any info on this. My only prior experience with Colt revolvers is a couple of Pythons and a New Frontier .45. I know the Anaconda is more akin to a King Cobra than a Python, and that it isn't hand made, and that it uses coil springs instead of leaf...
  4. New near-mint 3rd gen Det. Spec. locking up in DA.

    I have a new, near-mint, 3rd Gen. Detective Special I just brought home from the gun library at my local Cabelas. I did a detailed inspection of the gun at the store--everything was just about perfect--but unfortunately was not able to check the DA action timing while there (Cabelas 'rules', no...
  5. Spring change

    Hello all. Wanting to know how hard it is to change out the mainspring on a colt Trooper MK III? Midwayusa has the reduced power springs in stock. Im not a gunsmith by any means and the only thing i have ever changed on one of my guns is the MSH on my GSG-1911-22. Also does anyone know if...
  6. Interesting Trigger Problem

    I have 3 Colt revolvers. An Agent, a Cobra and a Lawman MkIII. The Agent and Cobra have an interesting condition After pulling the trigger, if I VERY slowly release the trigger, just before it is back in position, I can feel 2 clicks one after the other If I stop at the first click, the gun...