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    I just purchased a '50 Officers Model Special that is missing the I in the roll stamp for Officer. Though it was unique and in excellent condition so I bought it.Thanks for any help. I will try to post pictures
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    Hello, I need some information about a old gun of mine. It is a .38 Special Colt Revolver, 6 inches barrel, hammer-mounted firing pin, adjustable rear sight, hollow underlug, ventilated rib. It looks like a Python, but definitely is not, because of its characteristics. Its serial number is...
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    Hi all, I recently found a very rare colt .45 revolverIt's a Double action engraved on side of barrel D. A. I can't match an exact model for it, serial number in inner side and body match 343874Check my pictures, I found in barn in South America. Two old sisters had it as heritage of their...
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    Python enthusiasts, check out my GB item Thanks for looking.