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  1. SOLD: Vintage Super-X 38 Special Box and Ammo

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    I took this in with some other ammo I bought recently and I figure that someone out there must be a vintage ammo collector with more use for this than myself. Box is in very good condition except one end-flap is detached, although still in good condition itself. There are 32 rounds of this 38...
  2. Colt Officers Model Special missing the I in Officers

    Colt Revolvers
    I just purchased a '50 Officers Model Special that is missing the I in the roll stamp for Officer. Though it was unique and in excellent condition so I bought it.Thanks for any help. I will try to post pictures
  3. Vintage Colt Revolver

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello, I need some information about a old gun of mine. It is a .38 Special Colt Revolver, 6 inches barrel, hammer-mounted firing pin, adjustable rear sight, hollow underlug, ventilated rib. It looks like a Python, but definitely is not, because of its characteristics. Its serial number is...
  4. Found rare colt .45!!!

    Colt Revolvers
    Hi all, I recently found a very rare colt .45 revolverIt's a Double action engraved on side of barrel D. A. I can't match an exact model for it, serial number in inner side and body match 343874Check my pictures, I found in barn in South America. Two old sisters had it as heritage of their...
  5. Vintage Crosman Pellgun Pistol w/ Box 150s Series Pellet Gun $100.00 Free Shipping

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    Sold This is in excellent working condition. The finish on the pistol is free from pitting or rust. $100.00 Asking price includes insured Priority Shipping. This uses BB size pellets & modern CO2 charges. Link to owners manual:
  6. WTS:1911A1 O Frame Parts USGI, Commercial Pre Thru Post 70 Series & Accessories

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    After 50 years, I have reluctantly had to close down my families gunshop since the passing of my father and am helping my mother in selling off materials. I am in the process of sorting out boxes of parts and have the following supply of USGI / WWII Vintage / OEM Colt factory new old stock...
  7. SOLD: Colt Agent - 1968 - Box - Papers - Mint

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    1968 Colt Agent According to the heirs of the estate this came from it was never fired. Based on the condition it is easy to believe. (although not verified) There isn't so much as a blemish anywhere on the gun. Easy 99% condition. Comes with the box, instructions, warranty card and...
  8. Vintage box, grips, target FS

    Colt Revolvers
    Python enthusiasts, check out my GB item Thanks for looking.
  9. 4 SALE: Colt Semi-Automatic/Woodsman Collection

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    This is the last of the Colt Woodsman Collection: #30. COLT Challenger 1955 75473-C Near 100% - $595.00 This vintage Colt has been well cared for and rarely fired. The pistol is in perfect working order, accurately graded with nice bore...