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  1. Surviving Colt Walkers

    Colt Revolvers
    Does anyone have a reference for the up-to-date list of serial numbers of known surviving Colt Walkers, both military and civilian? I have one that's dated and wondering whether any new ones have been discovered in the past 30 years. Also, is there a list of fakes by serial? Thanks in advance.
  2. Heritage Edition Walker 2nd Gen - Question concerning presentation case

    Colt Percussion Revolvers
    I have a question concerning my 2nd Gen, Colt Walker Heritage Edition. Mine is C Company No. 582. Did all of the Heritage Edition Walkers come with the book and wood presentation case or were those optional? When I bought mine a while back from Cabellas it was never fired and in the original...
  3. Hello from Scottsdale, Arizona I primarily collect Genuine Colt Percussion Revolvers

    New Members Introduction
    Hi, I like anything that goes bang or has a sharp edge. In terms of genuine Colt firearms, I mostly have percussion revolvers. My collection consists of 1st and 2nd gen models. I hear that my stainless steel 1860 Army is relatively rare. Below is a photo of a couple of my Colts.
  4. WTS: Colt 1847 Walker--Second Generation. $900

    Want to Sell
    THIS PIECE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE, BUT I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO DELETE MY AD. Colt made only 1,100 of this model in 1847, but it was enough to get Sam Colt out of bankruptcy, even though it wasn't an unqualified success. The loading lever tended to flop down, and because 19th century...