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01911/01918/Tier III Stocks

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Anyone have an extra set of 01911/01918/or Tier III anniversary stocks for sale? If so, please pm me.
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Not me. I guess that you are looking for these?
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Unfortunately I do not have extra sets of grips for my O1911 and O1918 models.

However, let me to make a suggestion, If you are looking for grips for your Colt WWI (O1911, O1918 or TierIII), my counsel is to buy the Hogue walnut 1911 reproduction grips. They are simple the best, reference number is 45673.

Hope it helps


Colt walnut grips are being made (to my knowlegde) by Altamont Co.


Vitange Racer, nice picture.
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Last time I checked Midway USA had some in stock (Colt O1918 grips). CDNN might have them as well.
Thanks to all. I did get some from Midway and they look good. The factory grips on my 01911 carbonia were way too blond for my liking.
The factory grips on my 01911 carbonia were way too blond for my liking.
JMO. I will change stocks on a Colt. I actually like to keep some of the original grips in factory issued condition.

My modern Series 70, for an example, wears blond stocks.:D

My grips will probably get changed around. One thing never changes on my 1911's: That would be the Colt rollmark. ;)

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