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Circa 1906...

Well, the old method for calculating a Charge for Shotgun, if memory serve...

Was to place a Ball of Barrel Diameter into one's flat Palm...pour Black Powder over it JUST till the Ball is covered, and no more.

And that, then, is the proper Charge, which one can then measure volumetrically and set a Dispensing Spout on the Flask, to do just that amount.

Smokeless...I do not know.

But I would have to suppose, than any 'Standard' 12 Gauge Loading, (as represented in the Shotgun Loading Tables of various Powder Manufacturers,) as for Powder and weight of Pellets ( and Wads and so on ) , would have to be friendly enough for a 10 Gauge late-transitional era Shotgun...especially if one were wishing to keep things on the 'light' side.

I have a very nice Percussion Side-by-Side 12 Gauge Shotgun, which I hope to go try out one of these days with 'BP'...just need to send away for some right diameter Wads and other to have in store.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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