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I have a small quantity of brand new in the box 1851 Navy W5051 presentation cases $235 Delivered priority mail

American Walnut with oil stained finish. Partitioned for one revolver and a complete set of Colt accessories. The lower half of this "C" Series case is lined with Colt Blue velvet. The lid is lined with Colt Blue satin with an encircled silver rampant colt design located in the center. A circular medallion with a serpentine Colt logo is inlaid in the right front corner of the lid exterior.

Early cases have an internal lock with keyhole escutcheon.
This case has the more desirable externally mounted locks.

Case dimensions are: 14% Long - 6%" Wide - 2%" High.

I also have NIB Made in USA Pewter finish flasks $215 Delivered

W5047 Navy Flask-Pewter Finish
1851 Navy and 1861 Navy Powder Flask-Medium size powder flask with a "Stand of Flags" behind a carriage mounted cannon. The top left flag is the "Lone Star" flag of Texas. The remaining three are all U. S. battle flags. To the right and left of the cannon are pikes and naval anchors.
Below the cannon are cannon balls, a ramrod and a Bowie knife. Above the stand of flags are two crossed rifles over two crossed revolvers - all pointing upward. Between the revolvers and flags, "COLTS PATENT" is embossed in two lines. This pattern appears only on one side of the flask.
The body of the flask has a pewter finish. "MADE IN U.S.A." is stamped on the reverse s one line where the top and body meet. This flask is for late second generation Model C1121 and all C1122 revolvers.

Brass straight leg 36 cal Colts Patent Molds are $175 Delivered

Faded green label tins--faded, not as bright as I'd like $29 Delivered

L shaped tapered shoulder wrenches---faded-not as lustrous as I'd like $45 deliverd

[email protected] 361-510-9221

Wil Rivers Colter 1860
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