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For the illumination of one and all, Colt supplied powder flasks for all pistols sold under U.S. Military Contracts until 1856.
In 1856 the U.S. military establishment universally adopted paper cartridges for all of their small arms, which made powder flasks un-necessary. Powder flasks continued to be included in cased sets of civilian revolvers. However, not all of these flasks are Colt's with the Colt's Patent markings because the Colt flasks cost 2 to 3 times more than other flasks.
Bullet molds and nipple wrenches continued to be included with every Colt manufactured and sold.
An interesting sideline is that Colt, in anticipation of the US military adopting the paper cartridge, built a separate factory on the Colt property to manufacture paper cartridges. This enterprise accounted for as much as a third of Colt profits during the American Civil War.
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