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Gents, I recently bought a 2nd Generation (1970s) Colt 1851 Navy, mint, unturned, unfired, in the box. Beautiful gun, but I'll be dadburned if the barrel isn't mounted on the frame crooked, as in: veers off to the right. You can see this with the naked eye when sighting down the pistol. Unfortunately, I didn't notice this until I'd already done a nice trigger job on the gun, so there's no returning it to the guy I bought it from - this baby's mine!

Problem seems to be that the hole in the barrel's underlug that accepts the cylinder pin was drilled at an angle not parallel to the bore, causing the the barrel to mate up with the frame at an angle. They cut the forcing cone to fit to the cylinder properly, meaning they angled the cone, so it would be flush with the cylinder. The barrel mates perfectly with the frame(i.e. the pins, wedge, etc.), it's just crooked to the centerline of the pistol.

This may be a dumb question, but is there any way in H*LL Colt would deal with this? I don't mind paying, as I know I have no warranty, but this thing was flat out built wrong - and while these guns were made by Iver Johnson, they were inspected at Colt (supposedly). The only solution, in my mind, would be to mate up a new barrel, as welding up and redrilling/fitting the current one would probably cost an arm and both legs, if I could even find a smith willing to attempt it.

Any ideas? I'm sick about my pretty new paperweight.

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First thing is to positively ID WHAT is wrong, the barrel or the base pin.

Assuming it's the barrel, there are several options:

One, would be to see if a GOOD machinist could line bore the hole in the barrel and insert a bushing, OR manufacture a new, over-sized base pin.
I'm not "up" on black powder, so I don't know if there's enough room to allow this.

Second option is, buy a new barrel.

Gun parts lists the 1851 Navy barrel at $154.00. You'd have to be SURE this is a genuine Colt marked barrel.

Chances of Colt looking at this is about zero, but you could ask.

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