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1902 Bisley Model 32 WCF

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I have a 1902 Bisley Model 32 WCF that I am looking to sell, but really don’t know the value and I am looking for help. Can anyone tell me what the approximate value might be and where would be the best place to list it for sale. I have looked up the serial number which as shown in the pics is SN 228829 (all numbers matching) which comes back as 1902. If I need to upload any additional photos please let me know. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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It appears your Bisley has been buffed and refinished which lowers the value. It is not a desirable caliber such as .45 Colt or .44-40. It also appears that the front sight has been filed down. In today's market, it could bring $1500-$2500.. Your best bet is to check the completed auctions on Gunbroker and see what they have been selling for. If you paid the fee to become a supporting member you could place it in the classifieds here and see what interest you get. Otherwise, you can place it on Gunbroker, sell it at one of the major auction houses, or see what a local gunshop will offer you.
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Thank you so much for your reply. It is greatly appreciated.
To me, the right side of that frame shows some extreme 'dishing' due to improper sanding technique. I suspect there was some strong pitting in that area that caused the person to be overly aggressive. I would advise that if you get an offer in the $1500 to $2500 range that you sell it before they change their mind.
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Need pics of top of barrel as well. The (bisley model) stamping is still readable. Cant tell from the pic if the case hardening was polished off of the hammer. 32-20 was the most common caliber in the bisley but there is a following for them. At auction it could go above $1500 or not.
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