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1903 complete assembly

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Luck me I have my 03 disassembled cleaned ready for assembly. I have studied and read BobSm informative thread on this same topic. But I think from his thread the smaller internal parts are assembled already. I can get the springs in by studying his thread but from there what should have already been in the frame prior? Need help with this, the smaller internally parts and order that they should be assembled. Thanks for any help with this!
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Here is a link to a reassembly after detail stripped. Hope it helps.

Colt 1903 Detailed Reassembly – The Difficult Parts
That's the same as the BobSm informative thread
and I do mean exactly:eek:
Good luck, battle. The final step of reassembling a 1903 was extremely difficult for me.

You have a great set of instructions.

Sorry, I have no advice to offer, only best wishes.
This might help.
Somewhere there is a PDF of a Colt instruction sheet that has a drawing of how the internals go together but I can't find it. Patience and good luck. My first time took me two hrs total to get my 1903 back together.

I'm mistaken the image is the sixth down on Bobs thread, a sketch with the internal details.
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