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1911 Colt Government with alloy frame ???

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I found a 1911 Colt .38 Super for sale. The slide is a government series 70.
The frame is alloy (duraluminum?) with a very low serial number ( F000xx). I was told few of these were made. I looked everywhere, except under the grips, and found no marks, no letters, nothing - just the s/n F000xx.
The seller, a gunsmith, told me that this frame was one of the "few" made by Colt, and that it is in original condition.
The finish is .....anodized (spelling?). It is black, or almost black.
I want to know if this is an original Colt frame, and if it is strong/durable, able to support the .38 Super and .45
Thanks for your help.
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If it's a genuine Colt frame, it will be marked on the right side just above the grip:

Colt's PT.F.A. Mfg Co. Hartford, Conn USA.

On the left side of the frame, on the rear of the trigger guard will be Colt's Verified Proof mark, which looks like a tiny "VP" in a triangle.

There will be a single letter or number stamped on the front side of the trigger guard.

If it isn't so marked, it isn't a real Colt.

If all it has is a serial number, it's an after market frame somebody assembled with Colt parts, but it ISN'T a Colt.
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Welcome, Ignacio49!
Can't say I've ever heard of this gun. The only alloy frames I've ever heard of were for the lightweight Commanders and the Cobra/Agent revolvers.
If it is a real Colt it will have the usual Colt markings on the receiver. The serial number does not sound like any I have heard of on a genuine Colt 1911.
I don't believe this is a Colt frame, I know that at least 2 companies made full size alluminum frames for 1911's several years ago and this may be where this frame came from. dfariswheel is right, if it is not marked Colt it isn't Colt....
Thank you for all your answers/comments. I posted the same question in several forums and got the same answer. It seems that the frame is not Colt, and I am not buying the gun.
And rcwambold, thanks for the welcome!
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