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1911 "Copy" Question

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So, I know this is not a "Colt" 1911 question perse, but I figured enough of you guys are knowledgeable that I might get lucky.... I just bought an Israel Arms Int'l. .45 cal 1911 off an ISPC shooter here in town. It's two tone, stamped with Israel Arms Ltd., Israel on left side of the slide, M-5000 GAL on right. J.O. Arms, Houston on right side of the frame. Square trigger guard, and yes, it is marked with the Star of David on the right side of the frame, under the slide and on the barrel (and in the correct places). Rubber grips, beaver tail safety, extended mag and slide release, anti glare ridge on top of slide. I would rate it at NRA (Good) condition. I've spent the morning researching and most of the online info is outdated and old! .... I talked the guy down from $600, to $500 cash.... How did I do? ANY info would be appreciated!

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You should post this elsewhere.....and, without pics....even the most well meaning Colt guy really can't help
This is a question more inclined for or any other 1911 forum.
I do not think that has a specific forum for this version of the 1911 type pistol, but someone there might have an answer.
Sounds like you have a rather uncommon weapon there, gcoop. I think you've posted this in the right place on the Forum and you should have some advice shortly. Pix really are helpful if you can manage it. Anyways, welcome aboard the Forum!
Thank you for the advice; I'll check that forum out.... I posted some pics, but can't rotate them for some reason. Sorry about that!
Thank you for the advice; I'll check that forum out.... I posted some pics, but can't rotate them for some reason. Sorry about that!
Got some pics up. Are they working?...
Yes, they look really good while standing on my head. You have one of the earlier ones it would seem, since it is marked with the star of David. I believe if it did not have the sod on it then it was made in the philli's and assembled in Israel.  There is not a lot out there on them as they are not too common, but they do not pull a lot of money when they sell either. That may change in the future, but holds true for now.  I believe on the earlier ones most regular 1911 parts will interchange. I seen where you paid 500, that would be about normal.
Thanks for the reply and info Rob, and again sorry about the pics! BTW, I am not familiar with nbsp????
I am one of those other guys on other forums and $500 would be nice on this guy if the guts are good.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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