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So, I know this is not a "Colt" 1911 question perse, but I figured enough of you guys are knowledgeable that I might get lucky.... I just bought an Israel Arms Int'l. .45 cal 1911 off an ISPC shooter here in town. It's two tone, stamped with Israel Arms Ltd., Israel on left side of the slide, M-5000 GAL on right. J.O. Arms, Houston on right side of the frame. Square trigger guard, and yes, it is marked with the Star of David on the right side of the frame, under the slide and on the barrel (and in the correct places). Rubber grips, beaver tail safety, extended mag and slide release, anti glare ridge on top of slide. I would rate it at NRA (Good) condition. I've spent the morning researching and most of the online info is outdated and old! .... I talked the guy down from $600, to $500 cash.... How did I do? ANY info would be appreciated!

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1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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